2016 Business Predictions

The 2016 Business Predictions are here. It has been a great year for many businesses in 2015 but now, we have to look forward to what is in …

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The 2016 Business Predictions are here. It has been a great year for many businesses in 2015 but now, we have to look forward to what is in store for 2016. The hoverboard attempted to match the Back To The Future hype late in 2015 and has become one of the most popular ideas for the Holidays this year.

Who predicted that? Nobody.

We attempt to make our best guess here in our annual 2016 business predictions as part of our ongoing series of business, social media, and entertainment predictions.

Apps, Wearables and IoT Become More of “The Norm” Than Luxuries

Improvements in the Apple Watch are expected as the Apple Watch 2 has been rumored to release potentially in June or even September when the iPhone 7 is expected to release. According to multiple reports, costs are expected to be pretty similar which should drive down the cost for the original Apple Watch.

Health Tech continues to develop devices, especially IoT devices, including multiple companies are inventing things to remove concerns of many parents. For example, remember when a baby monitor was considered to be an excellent aid to parents? Well, Owlet Care has received funding and is in development to keep an eye on your baby’s vitals so parents can sleep better at night.

With talks to improve healthcare by services like Heal, a service that calls a licensed primary care physician to your home, you can expect Healthcare to become more convenient as well. Heal received another $5 million in funding to expand MD house calls to another 15 cities. Apps like these will continue to develop in 2016 and we should see some massive improvements to how we continue to cater more to the customer rather than the business or corporation.


A quick snapshot of Deloitte's internal gamification for corporate employees.
A quick snapshot of Deloitte’s internal gamification for corporate employees.

Gamification Moves More External

As a key way to target millennials, many corporations have invested time and money into developing their own gamification platforms. Similar to how Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s Playstation consoles focus on developing games that allow users to earn virtual points and badges, the data shows that companies want to develop this for their own employees to drive company metrics.

Here are some quick examples of large organizations that have implemented gamification:

Others continue to follow this method to appeal more to millennials among other reasons despite Gartner’s prediction that gamification would fail by 2014.

Mobilegeddon Continues To Dominate Desktop

Did your company survive “Mobilegeddon”? Well, if it didn’t, do not expect much business next year. Our 2016 business predictions show that the rate that the search engine results page (SERPs) are valuating mobile-friendly websites in their algorithms is, According to a Moovweb.com findings, “83% of the time, the top result is tagged as mobile-friendly by Google. 81% of the time the top 3 results are mobile-friendly…when you consider all ten of the spots on Google’s first page, 77% of the search results are ‘mobile-friendly’.”



As you can see by this image, mobile friendliness of the top 10 positions in search results is shown by the graph. Those in the 8th, 9th and 10th positions typically do not have mobile friendly websites. Moovweb explains that this does vary by vertical, but over 1,000 keywords testing – which is a decent sample size – those ranked lowest on the page were due to lack of mobility access.



Virtual Reality Becomes A New Fad

There is a risk though, nobody knows how this is going to turn out. Some experts predict that these virtual reality experiences can definitely be used for more than just entertainment. Experiments like this hospital in London allows young kids to explore zoos in virtual reality, Broadway’s The Lion King allows the “Circle of Life” virtual reality experience or even Star Wars diehards wanting the full in-depth experience. Either way, all are extremely catchy. With movie theaters looking to create a better experience for its users, this seems like a perfect time to incorporate a new experience to drive additional revenue.

However, there are some concerns. Tech Crunch even proposes a valid question, “Is Virtual Reality Gaming Bound To Crash?”

The answer – maybe.

Retail Stores continue to diminish, become more customer service areas

Black Friday 2015 is believed to be the first time that e-commerce shoppers outnumbered brick-and-mortar customers during the biggest shopping weekend of the year according to a recent Fortune.com report. Stores like Kohl’s were reporting that Black Friday had “its two biggest online sales days ever last week”.

This is expected to continue with many online retailers like Etsy, Alibaba and others, who typically hold no inventory themselves, allow individuals to create microsites and sell product. This both removes much of the risk of small business owners (SMB) and allows them to function in their own e-commerce world. 2016 will be an interesting year for small business. Especially due to it’s emphasis in national politics, continuing to be a topic of heavy debate during the 2016 Presidential election.


So what do you think? What other trends might have been missed for Internet Service Partners 2016 Business Predictions?


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