Top Utah Ski Resorts for WiFi

We took to the slopes to reveal who are the Top Utah Ski Resorts for WiFi. Have you ever participated in an experience like the Greatest Snow on …

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We took to the slopes to reveal who are the Top Utah Ski Resorts for WiFi. Have you ever participated in an experience like the Greatest Snow on Earth?

Home to the 2002 Winter Olympics, Utah is known for its scenic mountain scenes and its illustrious snow but did you know it is home to some of the most precious experiences for snowboards and skiers alike? As Paul Marshall, Director of Communications of Ski Utah states “every one of these resorts has a different character and feel. While some prefer to not have cell service or WiFi, others have put significant efforts into making sure high-speed WiFi is constantly at your finger tips. It is a great dynamic.”

Here are the top places to not only experience the snow, but to also personalize your experience by meeting your WiFi needs.

5. Deer Valley Resort


Photo: GDRainwater (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Deep in the town of Park City, Deer Valley Resort is home to some of the most prestigious lodging offered in the region. With the only 5-Star hotels in Utah, the Stein Eriksen Lodge, and the Montage resorts, Deer Valley Resort is no exception and worth the 45 minute commute from Salt Lake International Airport. For this reason they came in at #5 for Utah Ski Resorts for WiFi.

What areas of the resort provide WiFi access?

Based on the information located on the website: “Complimentary wireless is available in select areas of the Snow Park and Silver Lake Lodges. A computer and printer is available for guest use in Deer Valley, located on the main level of Snow Park Lodge.”

What types of speeds are available at the resort?

Attempts to reach Deer Valley Resort personnel were unsuccessful. Due to the high altitude, expect minimum speeds on the ski runs and most access will be lodge only. Slope enthusiasts note that cell service is also available depending on the run or lift you choose during your visit.

4. Snowbasin

With a 4.7/5 review from it’s customers, Snowbasin sits tucked a little further north than the other resorts in Utah near Mount Ogden. From Salt Lake International Airport, you can expect to arrive at this prestigious resort, known for it’s quick access and exceptional customer service in it’s 75th year of business, around 45 minutes. Despite being longer than the others mentioned, it’s internet speeds are top notch. For that, it is rated #4 for Utah Ski Resorts for WiFi.

What areas of the resort provide WiFi access?

According to the website, “(Snowbasin) offers free public Wi-Fi in lodges. Earl’s Lodge has WiFi available in the Main dining Room, Huntington Room and Cinnabar. Needles Lodge, Roundhouse (mid-mountain day lodge) and John Paul Lodge have Wi-Fi available at the lower level”.

What types of speeds are available?

Reach outs via email, phone and Twitter were unsuccessful, but expect between 1 Mbps and 40 mbps upon averages ran on

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3. Solitude Mountain Resort

Solitude Mountain Resort comes in at #3 for Utah Ski Resorts for WiFi for 2016. Not only does this resort provide access to ski and snowboard riders alike, but they also offer Alpine, Nordic and snowshoeing outdoor trails and equipment for those looking to try something new. Do you have young kids and have trouble finding a babysitter during the week? Solitude also takes care of that concern as well by providing a daycare.

What areas of the resort provide access?

According to the resort, “Solitude Mountain Resort offers complimentary wifi in the Moonbeam base area lodge, Last Chance Lodge as well as all Lodging properties within Solitude Village.”

What types of speeds can I expect?    

The resort stated that there is a “300 mbps split across the resort” allowing its customers to have an adequate connection for any light bandwidth needs such as music streaming apps like Apple Music or Spotify playlists.

2. Waldorf Astoria at Park City


Photo: Max Elman (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

At the base of the Canyons village sits the Waldorf Astoria Park City, home to some of Utah’s most beautiful backcountry views. According to its website, the resort is “the only Forbes Four-Star luxury hotel to be located within the largest ski and golf resort in the United States”. With some street accreditation like that, how could they not be #2 for Utah Ski Resorts for WiFi.

What areas provide the best WiFi access?

According to PR Representative for the resort, Whit Kelly, “WiFi is available to all guests of the resort throughout the property. …Having free WiFi throughout the property also allows for an ease of connectivity without relying on spotty cellular services (which often is the case in the mountains). Families will enjoy being able to connect with each other, friends and family easily, via WiFi. Also, WiFi ensures that guests will be able to connect, when they need to, for quick business related topics, to pull up maps, to find information on surrounding entertainment options, or event to watch that episode of the show they would have missed.”

What types of speeds are available at the location?

Per the Canyons resort, “The free Wifi is 3 Mbps download/1 Mbps upload and guests can also upgrade to the 9 Mbps/3 Mbps”.

1. Sundance Mountain Resort

Home to one of the most famous film festivals in the United States, Sundance Mountain Resort prides itself on providing quality wifi to its guests. Much like the other resorts, it is easy to plan in advance with a high quality live webcam available to determine the conditions real-time. By offering the highest WiFi speeds in the area together with the positive feedback received from its customers, Sundance Mountain Resort is chosen as the #1 Utah Ski Resorts for WiFi for its service in 2015.

What areas of the resort provide access?

Not only do their food and beverage outlets have WiFi access points for their guests, but they also provide that amenity for guests at the very top of the mountain.

What types of speeds can I expect?

Guests can have speeds anywhere from 1 MB per second (mbps) or can pay for higher speeds up to 40 mbps.

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