Which Halloween Costume Best Suits You?

Come on, this is the year you are going to be original. This is the year you bust out the costume that is meant for you. The dilemma: …

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Come on, this is the year you are going to be original. This is the year you bust out the costume that is meant for you. The dilemma: you do not know what fits you best. Take these 10 simple questions to determine which Halloween Costume best suits you.

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The Caped-Crusader, Dark Knight, World’s Greatest Detective — that is you my friend. It’s off to the Batcave. It’s a safe costume where nobody will have to guess what you are wearing, but the odds of showing up in the same disguise as someone else — pretty likely.


The beauty of dressing up as Spiderman is you can avoid the whole “bitten by a radioactive spider” experience. The downside, wearing that mask is not too comfortable. Well…that is, unless you are upside down. #YaFeelMe

Wonder Woman 

As warrior princess of the Amazons, Ms. Diana Prince is a popular one among the ladies this year. What’s not to like about a woman who rocks the stars and stripes with the Lasso of Truth, a pair of indestructible bracelets and a tiara? #Merica.


Sometimes referred to as “The Cat”, Catwoman is a great costume to compliment Batman especially if you can rock that love-hate relationship the two have going on. Take it as a compliment that others will compare you to Selina Kyle, Michelle Pfeiffer, Halle Berry, and Anne Hathaway, you got this on Halloween.

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Slutty Pumpkin

You my friend are a How I Met Your Mother fan aren’t you? Barney Stinson would be so proud. If you are not a How I Met Your Mother fan, before you dress up, make sure you watch this to understand the legend of the slutty pumpkin. (The costume name is definitely misleading.)

Marty McFly

Hello McFly? Undoubtedly expected to be a popular costume, with this year being the year Marty McFly went into the future of hoverboards, self-driving cars, and those light-up sneakers, McFly was on a roll with those predictions. Now if the Chicago Cubs win the World Series, the world of Marty McFly might just explode.

Left Shark

Look on the bright side, everyone will recognize you because you danced with Katy Perry. The greatest thing about showing up to a party as Left Shark this year, you can dance however you want and people will not know if you are a good or bad dancer. Left Shark has moves, study up young grasshopper!

Donald Trump

You can rock the Donald of old by the famous saying “You’re Fired” or you can use his alter-ego and “Make America Great Again.” Regardless, a very simple costume that requires a toupee, a white shirt, tie and blazer you my friend have the quickest assembly of this year’s Halloween costume.

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Orange Is The New Black

A pretty easy costume assembly, you have quite the options for characters you would like to represent. Do you go with the 30-year-old Piper Chapman, miss attitude Tasha “Taystee’ Jefferson or another character? We will leave that up to you.

The Dress

Are you blue or are you gold? You show up and everyone’s jaw drops because you are both. One of the most viral pictures in social media during 2014, people will start to wonder, was it blue and gold the entire time?


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