WiFi Names That Make You Laugh [LIST]

You’ve made the big move into your own house or you are setting up a new internet network for the first time, the big question asked: “What type …

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You’ve made the big move into your own house or you are setting up a new internet network for the first time, the big question asked: “What type of WiFi names would be best for my network?”

After all, you do not want to be “{Insert Internet provider} 1234”, that just makes you look like you do not know what you are doing. Here are some of the 10 best WiFi names for home networks that we have found.

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#10 WiFi Names

FBI Surveillance Van

The first time I saw this at a real apartment complex, I was a little scared because I didn’t know why there would be a van from the FBI outside this clean, safe and family-friendly complex. Well done internet WiFi trolls, you won me over that time.

WiFi names number 1
FBI Monitoring Van

#9 WiFi Names

Hogwarts Great Hall WiFi

All Harry Potter fans will love this one. As the main gathering area in the school, one has to wonder what eating meals, receiving a daily owl post and other special events would be like with free Wifi for it’s students. For that, this one was created.

WiFi names number 2
You’re a Wizard Harry…

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#8 WiFi Names

Virus Infested WiFi

The biggest fear of many of us, especially if you survived the Napster days, is a virus infecting our computer. A great way to eliminate anyone wanting to trying jumping on your WiFi is used here as a fear tactic. Basically, if you don’t want a virus in your computer, don’t ask for my WiFi password. Another scenario where creativity is well played.

WiFi names number 3

#7 WiFi Names

Get Off My Lawn

    This is a great option to target that neighbor who’s dog does his business on your lawn or even the neighbor kids who use your lawn as an endzone for their backyard football game. Sometimes, there is no nice way to say it except through the best form of passive aggression – your home WiFi name.

WiFi names number 4

#6 WiFi Names

Party Invitation

Want to throw a block party but only want the electronically literate to be there. Here’s a solution. You know how it is. Sometimes sending an event to everyone in the neighborhood is just hard.

WiFi names number 5

#5 WiFi Names

Use This One Mom!

Sometimes, explaining to your parents how to connect to a WiFi router is a challenging task. Well, this child had a better plan. He decided to try the KISS method: Keep It Simple Silly. Mom will thank you later.

WiFi names number 6
Keep it simple for your parents.

#4 WiFi Names


This would have ranked better had ‘searching…’ been changed to buffering. After all, how often does your WiFi or webpage say “searching” when you are attempting to load a page. Nonetheless, this would cause me to want to one up my neighbor.

WiFi names number 7


#3 WiFi Names

Porque Wifi

  • For those of you who know a little bit of Spanish, this is extremely creative. Porque is translated as ‘Why or because’ depending on the context that it is used. Well done my bilingual friends.

WiFi names number 8

#2 WiFi Names

It Hurts When IP

Setting up your WiFi can be pretty challenging. Especially if you don’t know your IP address. In fact, sometimes it hurts this much.

WiFi names number 9

#1 WiFi Names

Bill Wi the Science Fi

The WiFi for anyone who grew up in the 90’s learning science experiments from the best. Bill Bill Bill Bill Bill – Bill Wi the Science Fi.

WiFi names number 10



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