Where Should You Spend Thanksgiving?

Ah the smells of pumpkin pie, turkey, yams and mashed potatoes are in the air. The question remains, where will you have that Thanksgiving experience this year? Here …

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Ah the smells of pumpkin pie, turkey, yams and mashed potatoes are in the air. The question remains, where will you have that Thanksgiving experience this year? Here is a quick quiz on where you should spend Thanksgiving in North America.





With your love of mashed potatoes, you will be in heaven. After all, Idaho is most famous for its potatoes (even know the state is called “The Gem State”). Bundle up though, most Thanksgiving temperatures will dip into the 20’s and 30’s. If you happen to go to a location that sells fries, ask for fry sauce. You will not be disappointed.


A Thanksgiving in Utah is much different than the rest of the country. No it’s not because of the Mormon population, rather, it is dominant in it’s demand for rolls around the holiday. In fact, in a national survey revealing what type of bread Americans prefer for their Thanksgiving meal, Utah is the only one that selected rolls over items like pumpkin bread and croissants. Don’t forget to save some room for that Pumpkin Pie though.


Although you might not experience the snow like some other western states, California Thanksgiving temperatures in the 70’s are pretty cool. It might not be great surfing weather with the dudes and babes. It is probably best to avoid places like Disneyland, but check out Wine country up north for some excellent additions to your Thanksgiving dinner. Because who doesn’t love #WineCountry?


Just like the Thanksgiving’s of old, you prefer the mid-atlantic region of the United States. George Washington would be proud. Virginia is home to the Berkeley Plantation, a place with much history. Berkeley’s history begins in 1619 when settlers observed the first official Thanksgiving in America. With the combinations of great food and the nicest people east of the Mississippi, you will feel right at home. After all, Virginia is for lovers.

New York City

More common around the baby boomer generation, New York City is home to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade since 1924 and a key bucket list item for many to visit during their lifetime. Not to mention, for all retail fans, it is a great place to be for Black Friday as many stores bring their best sales to the fashion capital of the United States. As for that dinner, it might have to wait until after shopping — someone has to stand in those lines.


You want to spend Thanksgiving at the beach, but not sure where? The USA Today has you covered in their 12 Best Beaches for Thanksgiving. That’s right, while your friends and neighbors are freezing their bodies off, you are making sand castles and sand angels on the beach. Not bad when the average US temperature in November is in the low 50’s.

Seattle, Washington

You want to do a lot of tourist type things, like visit Pike’s Place and that nasty Gum Wall, but at the same time you want to just ‘Netflix and Chill’ during Thanksgiving. Look no further – Seattle will bring you both. With an ability to rain on your parade or tourism wants at anytime, you can always have a “chill” option in your back pocket. Temperatures are excellent and fit inside a comfortable range. So saddle up and chill, Thanksgiving 2015 will be just the way you want it either way.


You and the midwest are a match made in Thanksgiving heaven. The city of Oklahoma City opens up it’s heart to you and you open yours in return. In fact, it’s doors are open a day before Thanksgiving to its prestigious elephant exhibit at the Oklahoma Zoo and Botanical Gardens for free. That way, you can identify which type of turkey you want for Thanksgiving and head off to buy it at the store. Although we are kidding, you have to admit, it might make your decision easier.


As part of the national tradition, you will be spending the first part of your day at Ford Field watching the Lions play the Philadelphia Eagles. It’s perfect. Football, in a dome and you will avoid having to cook the dinner. The risk you run, your family who couldn’t make it to the game might not save you any. As long as the Lions win (with the year they are having), it will be worth it.

Dallas, Texas

Hold up, hold up, hold up — We Dem Boyz. The Dallas Cowboys it is. If you didn’t know they were playing on Thanksgiving, then maybe this is not the best situation for you. This year, Jerry’s World welcomes in the Carolina Panthers. (This could get ugly.) Either way, mid-60 temperatures outside and you know Uncle Larry will be smokin’ his “to-die-for” brisket. You’ve made a great decision this Thanksgiving season.


We get it — the turkey is getting old for the Thanksgiving meal. It is time to start trying out different options. This is why you are headed to Maine. A place far enough from Aunt Dorothy’s ‘cheek-squeezing’ greeting and something new for a change. Enter your new meat of choice — Lobster. The one ‘catch’: you have to blog about it afterwards because nobody else has lobster for Thanksgiving but the Northeast part of the United States.


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