10 everyday activities that would be a lot harder without the Internet

In a world of unlimited information at our fingertips, the internet has become a big part of each person’s life. Some people have grown up in an era …

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In a world of unlimited information at our fingertips, the internet has become a big part of each person’s life. Some people have grown up in an era where the internet has always existed. In fact, those growing up in the digital age you are most likely to find hooked to their computer, laptop, tablet or phone viewing YouTube and other social networks to understand items from news to DIY tricks. Many individuals are fans of athletes or movie stars they have never met but have only followed or seen via the internet. So what would it be like if we had to do these ten everyday activities without the internet?

1. Settling an argument

I am sure you have been part of a conversation like this while making your favorite homemade chocolate chip cookie receipe:

Q: “how many ounces are in a cup?”

A: “I believe there are 12 ounces in a cup but I am not sure.”

Q: “Can you google that to make sure?”

A: “It is 16.”

After all, there is no way you want to put 12 ounces of chocolate chips, when the receipe clearly calls for 16 ounces.

2. Navigating


Drivers in this day-and-age have long since banned the use of a MapQuest or Google printed directions for a long drive. It has since switched to the GPS system via device or through your mobile phone. Remember when you were trying to find Johnny’s birthday party and it took you the whole duration of his party to find the location? This is no longer an issue but you have to wonder, what was it like without a GPS guiding you every which way to each destination.

3. Remembering a friend’s birthday

“Hey Johnny, you have 4 birthdays on Facebook today.” Facebook and other internet applications have saved many marriages, friendships and important dates in people’s lives since the internet began importing data into calendars. You have to wonder, would your parents ever recover back in the day from forgetting each other’s birthday? The one downside is it makes for no excuse for forgetting important dates anymore. If you forget, because of the internet, it almost seems like the consequences have exponentially increased.

4. Checking the weather

It is family reunion time and what is the worst thing at a family reunion? A rainstorm. Without the internet, you could not prepare effectively for the rainstorm because let’s be honest, nobody watches the news anymore. Not to mention, the weatherman is never accurate on that seven-day forecast. Leave it to the weather app of choice to help you prepare for sunny, raining or heaven-forbid snowy weather. Weather at your fingertips is a luxury we take for granted.


5. Spelling


Again, this is where your best personal assistant between Siri and Amazon’s Echo looks up important words that are commonly misspelled and relays the message of the most accurate spelling. At times, when using English, with or without the internet we avoid using their, they’re, affect and effect regardless of how many times we use a search engine. So let’s be better my friends, use the internet to make you look smarter.

6. Answering life’s burning questions

How big is the Grand Canyon? How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? We never have to worry about trivia time on long trips. With the internet, we can always know the questions to life’s burning questions. It is time to thank your neighbor for his excessive Quora, Yahoo Answers and other community feeds for all the research done on your behalf.

7. Flirting

Swipe left, swipe right, swipe up or swipe down — no matter how you swipe it, dating on the internet would be much more difficult. Apps like Tinder, WeCupid and others would not exist and *gasp* we would have to talk to people face-to-face. Whew, glad we don’t have to do that anymore.

8. Procrastination

With the answers at our fingertips, we have been known to play hard and work later; especially when it comes to educational assignments. That studying at the last minute with CliffNotes or some other quick note brand is extremely possible to achieve your final destination because of the world wide web. Big props go to Al Gore for that one!

9. Constant entertainment

Did you know the average minute on the internet, users upload 300 hours of new video to YouTube, Snapchat users share 284,722 snaps and Vine users play 1,041,666 videos. Yeah, I think we would miss a lot of video entertainment without the interwebs.


10. Making friends with strangers


Social media has brought a whole new meaning to online friendships. We interact with people we barely know and have become accustomed to friendship across many different borders. Most likely in multiple occasions, you or someone you know has gone to an event and someone comes up to you saying “Are you (insert twitter handle)?” Then you engage about 2-3 sentences, even though you talk for hours online, when you finally meet them in purpose. Regardless, this is impossible without the internet.


So what have we learned here: don’t go through life without reliable, high-speed Internet!

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