2016 Predictions on Social Media Trends

It is hard to believe but 2016 is almost here. The real question each company should be asking themselves is “are they ready for the rise of content …

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(Source: Skyword.com)

It is hard to believe but 2016 is almost here. The real question each company should be asking themselves is “are they ready for the rise of content marketing and social media trends in 2016?” There are many things that will happen as we progress digitally in multiple aspects of social media and communications. Here are some things to look out for next year:

Rise of the Videographer

You have seen it coming for a few years now. Video, specifically quick live video, is taking over social media platforms. We used to have only pictures, which at the time, seemed like a great way to communicate between family and friends on social media. But we have now moved to platforms much more focused in visual communication via video. Applications like Twitter (Periscope, Vine, Blab), Facebook (Instagram, Vine) and LinkedIn (Slideshare, Lynda.com) have moved much more visually to keep up with the competition. So what does that mean for 2016? You need a videographer on your content marketing team.

(Source: Skyword.com)
(Source: Skyword.com)

A videographer in house will always be cheaper than outsourcing it. Many times, you can find individuals who will work via contract, but that might not always be your best option. When they are brought in house they know your products, brand, culture and the message you are trying to convey to your audience. This makes for less pain points as a company and more effective content in the end for the user. According to a consumer study, eight out of ten millennials find video helpful when researching a product of service.

In fact, they’re 85% more likely than baby boomers to purchase a product or service if they can watch a video explaining it beforehand.

Data, Data, Data

One of the most frequent questions that a social media marketer receives is how can a social media marketing manager show return on investment for social media ad spend or tools? In some cases, where branding is more the goal of social media, it will not have as much impact or a return will not be able to be shown. However, there are many social media analytics companies including sites like Buzzsumo, Uberflip, Boombox, Nuvi among others which focus on the power of your content as it is shared. How does that work?

Each platform has a different way to show data. Here is a quick synopsis:

Disclaimer: This is an opinion and not necessarily what the product does or is limited in doing.

Each platform has it’s different way to show you data. Here is a quick synopsis of what I think each does when it comes to data. Keep in mind that this is an
opinion and not necessarily what the product does or is limited in doing.

  • Buzzsumo focuses a lot on how many shares and likes a particular content piece might have.
  • Uberflip creates a way for you to generate leads by curating content.
  • Boombox allows you to create interactive content and track results from parties
  • NUVI is a social media listening tool which allows you to see user’s social media influences

Each of these companies has their own niche in the social media industry. It is less about what they do and more about what your company needs to see data and drive engagement from your users.

Content Marketing Steers Towards More Engagement

In the past year it has become clear that quality is definitely better than quantity in social media trends. In a 6-month study on Hubspot’s blog, Hubspot took a chance on their blog platform to establish the debate on whether or not blogging more frequently had an impact on their site visitors. They attempted a High Volume with lower focus on quality (HVLC) and a Low Volume with higher focus (LVHC) on quality in the experiment. Here’s a graph below of what they found:

There are a few other highlights of this study.

  • Total subscriber churn was higher with daily subscribers than of “instant” or “weekly” subscribers.
  • Their study revealed that TOFU (Top Of Funnel, broad), Deep Tactical and Infographics were generating the most traffic.
  • Promo and Tactical posts generated the most leads
High Volume Low Quality Content was slightly higher due to more content being posted.
Traffic dipped slightly with the Low Volume, Highly Quality content and overall, increased organic traffic on site.
High Volume, Low Quality posts yielded more leads.
High Volume, Low Quality posts yielded more leads.
Promotion ads created more leads, TOFU (Top of the Funnel) created more traffic, Syndication/Editorial lost both.
Promotion ads created more leads, TOFU (Top of the Funnel) created more traffic, Syndication/Editorial lost both.

Increase In Freelance Blogging and Bloggers

This year, guest blogging seems to have been more popular than ever. Social media sites, especially content marketing sites like the one’s I have previously mentioned, are just a few examples of how companies are looking for guest writers on their blogs or websites. Many times, especially if an expert is trying to get off the ground, they will guest blog at no charge. That will only last so long.

This is one of those predictions that might stay the same, but I feel that more and more writers are getting away from the world of journalism, and starting to write as freelance copywriters. Many millennials desire to be their own boss and own their own business. For many copywriters, freelance is that opportunity. The start off in a corporate world, establish their name as a valuable writer for the resume and become experts in a particular subject.

After all, in an article on FastCompany com, a study by online freelance marketplace Upwork suggests that “finding and onboarding talent in the brick-and-mortar world takes an average of 43 days, compared with three days in the virtual world.” (Fast Company, 1.)

Word of Mouth Will Continue To Trump Advertisements In Social Media

This is a great way that tools like NUVI will be of aid to a company. It is key for any company to identify its influencers. With NUVI’s social media analytics, you can see real time, based on someone’s social media presence, just how valuable they are. It is a great way to also manage social media trends.

Here’s a quick example from AdWeek: Vail Resorts


“In 2010-11,Vail Resorts wanted to push the envelope to combine the outdoor lifestyle Rocky Mountain skiers crave with the frontier of social networks. The result: EpicMix, a one-of-a-kind online and mobile app that connects skiers with their friends and family on the mountain, allowing them to share stories and achievements without interrupting their ski day. Sounds great on paper, but how could Vail get its visitors to start sharing their experiences this way?

EpicMix builds word of mouth three ways. RFID technology embedded into season passes and lift tickets allows passive check-ins so riders can learn where they rode, when they rode and how many vertical feet they travelled. Second, by allowing riders to earn “pins” for a variety of achievements, EpicMix becomes a game to motivate and challenge riders to push themselves. The final step is sharing. EpicMix is a free web and mobile application, so users can log on or use a smartphone to access their accounts, see their stats, add friends from Facebook, create an EpicMix family, send messages and see where friends are on the mountain.


EpicMix went live in December 2010 and nearly 100,000 guests activated their account, equal to about 15 percent of the total eligible guests. Of those, 38,000 used the free EpicMix Android and iPhone app. Through automated social posts, EpicMix generated more than 35 million social impressions, helping Vail Resorts reach people around the world it never had an opportunity to touch before.”

A simple gamification type product, statistically based, built-in social features. 100,000 guests (which also probably means 100K email addresses for retargeting opportunities) participated by activating their account. That’s a mere 15% of the total eligible guests. That is quite the conversion rate for an app. The power of Word-Of-Mouth advertising lies not only in its ability to use little to no advertising spend, but it’s reach can be far more impactful as well.

What Would Internet Service Partners Recommend?

Looks like this is a year you will have to increase your company bandwidth. These particular suggestions on social media trends in 2016 will require more internet speed for your videographer, more capacity to consume or manage data analytics, and in order to engage with your customers better, it’s time to upgrade that service. Click here or the graphic below.


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