Which NFL team are you?

It’s that time. Fall is here, leaves are falling, grass is dying — but you have to cheer on your favorite team. Let’s see what team fits you …

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Who Is In Your Fantasy Football Lineup?

It’s that time. Fall is here, leaves are falling, grass is dying — but you have to cheer on your favorite team. Let’s see what team fits you best.




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San Francisco 49ers

Warm, sunny and not to mention free WiFi at all home games, you my friend should dine with the Wine & Gold. The San Francisco 49ers are 5-1 all time in the Super Bowl and rank 2nd in Super Bowl wins. Not bad for a team full of gold miners that migrated to San Francisco in 1849.

New England Patriots

Deflategate, Spygate are familiar to you but the only gate you care about is the Super Bowl. The Patriots are 4-4 in Super Bowl appearances and why not, they have one of the best quarterbacks and coaches in the league. Aside from the controversy you deal with on a daily basis, your team knows how to throw a party, especially if it involves tea and lobster.

Denver Broncos

Whew, you made it to the thin air in the Mile High city. Denver fans are known to be the most loyal fans in the NFL. With a lack of NFL teams in the West, many fans from Idaho, Wyoming, Montana and the Dakotas roll with Denver due to proximity. That means high viewership for games and a bunch of people across the nation you can call family. You did it young fella, now if you could only find a young quarterback to continue your success for the future.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Okay we get it, you are the champions of the league with a 6-2 Super Bowl record. The world should expect nothing but the best coming from a city known for its blue collar workers who are not afraid to get into the trenches. With the majority of its success in the 1970’s, Pittsburgh found the playoffs nearly ever year riding the momentum of the famous ‘immaculate reception’ by Franco Harris in the 1972 playoffs.

Dallas Cowboys

One of the most historic franchises in the NFL has chosen you to be a part of their legacy. Following legendary coaches like Tom Landry, Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer, many know these boys as “America’s Team”. As of late, Dallas has been missing the playoffs but with you as a supporting cast member, you will assist Tony Romo in making successful 4th Quarter comebacks and onto playoff success. The Cowboys five Super Bowls (5-3) put them in a tie with San Francisco for the 2nd most Super Bowl wins. All is well in Jerry’s World now that they have you!

Seattle Seahawks

Now that you are a true fan, you should know the official cheer. Anytime someone yells “SEA” you need to yell “HAWKS”. Finally taking home their first Super Bowl and nearly escaping with back-to-back Super Bowls, the Seahawks fandom is alive and well. Most important for you is to realize, if you ever get on the one-yard line, you always turn on Beast Mode and run. That is, unless you are Pete Carroll.

Houston Texans

After the now Tennessee Titans and previous Tennessee Oilers left the city of Houston, the Texans built a giant stadium and recruited a new team for H-town citizens to follow. Welcome aboard friend, the Texans are so proud of two things: 1. That they are in the state of Texas and 2. They have a man child on defense named J.J. Watt. Good choice young grasshopper, you did yourself well in the Texas heat.

Philadelphia Eagles

The city of Brotherly Love is a tough city to come by unless you are one of them. It’s time to widen those arms and flap those wings, it is going to be a bumpy ride. Philly is known to have some of the meanest fans in the world, but it’s okay, the counter that by offering some of the best cheesesteaks in the world as well. Welcome to the Brotherhood friend, glad to have you.

Chicago Bears

Daaaaaaaaaaa – BEARS! One of the mighty powerhouses during the 1980’s, the Bears were known to many as “Daaaaaaaaa-BEARS” thanks to a fabulous skit by Chris Farley and the boys of Saturday Night Live. It’s been heartbreak after heartbreak ever since, as any Bears or Cubs fan will tell you. Being a Bears fan is not for the weak but we are glad to have you. With you on our side, the Bears are destined to finally beat the Packers.

Washington Redskins

you completed this quiz, your new team might have a new name. Welcome to the nation’s capital. We are excited to have you. We love our team but better than that, we love our fans. After all the Robert Griffin III drama that we have had this year, we are lucky to have someone like you. Loyal, dedicated and in for the long haul because we are not a team that wins a lot.

Minnesota Vikings

Thank you for being a part of our fan base. We are sorry that we no longer have the luxury of a dome in the winter, but we are pretty pumped to have you in our new stadium. From the days of Fran Tarkenton to the Purple People Eaters, we hope to build a strong fandom starting with you. After all, much like pioneers of old, Vikings pave the way and take risks now to enjoy the future.

Miami Dolphins

Laces out Dan. Yes, we know, that was not a real life, but since the days of Dan Marino, we have struggled. Now that we have you behind us and that beautiful South Beach sand running through your feet, we are geared up to become a powerful franchise. Tell Ace Ventura he can find a new team. The 1972 Miami Dolphins are still the only undefeated team to win the Super Bowl.

San Diego Chargers

As diehard as they come, you my friend are one tough cookie. Nicknamed by many as “The Bolts”, the Chargers are just that team that has not been able to win the big one. It’s lone appearance in the 1994 Super Bowl was a disasterous route of 49-26 by the in-state San Francisco 49ers. Way to be loyal, there are not too many fans like you in the world these days. #BoltUp my friend, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Detroit Lions

The Lions have not won a Super Bowl since the days of the pre-AFL-NFL merger. The beauty of being a Lions fan is you often do not have to help with that Thanksgiving meal because, well, the game is on. The Lions have been to the playoffs twice in the last 5 years, which is a sign things are going up. That is great considering Barry Sanders will not be walking through that door again to save the franchise. By the way, everyone is jealous you’ve had not one but two domed stadiums.

New Orleans Saints

Who Dat? We Dat. The Saints have been on a roll the past decade by winning a Super Bowl in 2009 and making the playoffs in 4 consecutive years. After missing the playoffs in 2014, Who Dat is back in full force. As part of Who Dat nation your ears peep up anytime you hear the worlds “Beast of The Bayou” or “The Cajun Kids”. Football runs in your blood as part of this fandom. It’s only natural.

St. Louis Rams

After a Super Bowl championship in 1999 and releasing Super Bowl MVP QB Kurt Warner in 2004, the Rams have yet to return to the playoffs since. The Warner curse is unofficially in effect, but as a loyal fan, you want to be there for your local friends. After all, you witnessed “The Greatest Show On Turf” in 1999-2001. Like most fan bases, you are ready for a change. History means nothing and you demand success. Keep the faith fellow Rams fan, we might move back to LA and become America’s team again.

Green Bay Packers

You are full invested in your team, literally. The Packers are the only franchise where actual fans really do control the destiny of the team. It is the only non-profit, community owned major league professional sports team in the United States. Home of frigid Lambeau Field, this is a team with 4 Super Bowl wins but going back to the old days, the Packers have 13 League championships. Most of any NFL franchise. As much as the team appreciates your buy-in, good luck getting season tickets. The current wait list is approximately 955 years before the newest name on the list recieved their season tickets.


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